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2007Q4, Week 51

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

2007Q4, Week 51:  12/16-22/07


12/22/07:  Saturday


Wrote 1st pass at response to Business Week / ForSaleByOwner blog post on commissions 

Need to Twitter / Google to see if anyone else has commented on $13 billion dollar decline since peak of $68 billion in 2005


Inner Home:  Read Dare to Forgive by Dr. Edward Hallowell 


12/21/07:  Friday


1st ad, "Think Outside the Commission: 100% buyer agency rebate option," live on forum pages of BostonBubble.com


Blog post: Back to the future: Real estate search centers 2.0


Ning:  Created a subgroup for anyone involved in a "real estate search store" -- past, present, or proposed --  to network.


Sent out first link to "clients only" version of consumer survey of home prices in Greater Boston: 2008-2012


Real Estate Cafe's "Idea Bar"

Posted idea starter for a series of real estate debates in 2008


12/20/07:  Thursday


Changed ad on Boston.com's Open House search page 


Blog post:  Pre-testing consumer survey of housing prices in Greater Boston: 2008 to 2012 


12/19/07:  Wednesday


1st pass, updated home buyer survey for 2008.  Eager to see how five year projections compare with those collected in 2006

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