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Alumni class funds

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Nominate your favorite Alumni class fund below


Social Justice Works:  The Aaronson Fund (Larry taught at Cambridge Rindge & Latin)


Please make a donation right now either by writing a check and sending it to SJW in care of The Cambridge Community Foundation, 999 Bishop Allen Drive. Cambridge, MA 02139 or by going to the Foundation's webpage at www.cambridgecf.org and using their on-line donation system.  Be sure to write in that the specific purpose of your on-line gift is Social Justice Works. 




St. Louis University High School


St. Louis University, The Friends of Kevin Kipp


Submitted by SLUH '73 classmate, Tom Pickel: 


A couple of years ago (can it really be that long?) I posted a message about raising donations to purchase a paving brick in Kevin’s memory for the plaza outside the new basketball arena on the St. Louis University campus.   At that time the arena was still just being talked about.   However, the building is now well under construction and the Billikens will start the 2008-09 season in their new home.


Since the building is finally becoming a reality I wanted to again check and see who might be interested in contributing.   The basic brick is $500 and I think that would be appropriate since Kevin usually sat up in the cheap seats (unless he got a freebie down below).  I already have $100 in pledges.   Any contributions will be appreciated.   Checks should be made out to St. Louis University; add Chaifetz Arena on the memo line.   You can send the check to me at 914 Buena Vista Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63105 and I will bundle them for delivery.   Contributions are tax deductible.   I had in mind a simple inscription such as, “The Friends of Kevin Kipp” but suggestions are welcome.


Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!


Friends of Harvard Football


Visit http://www.GoCrimson.com and click on "Make a Gift."


Harvard College Fund


To make a gift, please use the following link:



MIT School of Architecture & Planning


Visit:  One deed to inspire generosity

Will you be the one person to help SA+P initiate change?



MIT Student programs


Global Poverty Initiative


We would like to propose the establishment of an international development center at MIT, and would very much like to hear your opinion on the best way of going about such an endeavor in a way that fits with initiatives already being undertaken, and would also like to hear about your past experiences in creating programs or seeing programs created here at MIT.
This new center would serve to anchor the Institute's existing initiatives on behalf of the developing world and to catalyze new ones. The center would have four purpose: (1) conducting rigorous, experiment-based research with the goal of formulating solutions to the developing world's challenges; (2) imparting country-based and region-based perspectives to the study of the developing-world problems that have been missing from the Institute's work to date; (3) offering training in the methodologies, approaches, and theories that one must master to conduct successful fieldwork in developing countries; and (4) empowering students, researchers, and faculty to pursue projects abroad.
Although poverty is a key challenge that the center would address, we emphasize that it is but one challenge that is subsumed under international development.  Other challenges include climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, financial instability, and the dilemmas of governance in a globalizing world.  The inclusion of this last choice is deliberate, since much of the ability of developing countries to transcend their challenges will hinge on the quality of their governance.
As we envision it, the center will house D-Lab, project and research workspace, a library, offices for professors in poverty work, J-PAL, space for student groups, an auditorium, and showcase space.
We feel that MIT is the most appropriate place for this center because of the people here and their interests match well with the center's goals. The faculty here have ongoing research and we see involvement from multiple departments. There have been several well-publicized projects here, including the OLPC, D-Lab, the Poverty Action Lab, etc. Many of the students and recent (as well as non-recent) alumni have gone into development work. The current students here are more excited than ever, and there have been a number of student groups created directly targeting these issues. MIT is also very well connected with partners and other organizations that deal with international development; for instance, Sloan works with Harvard's Global Health Delivery, and the Broad Institute at MIT works with the Earth Institute at Columbia.
In creating the new building, we would really like to see it become a collaboration, with all of the different departments here at MIT each contributing their specific areas of expertise. We would also like to see the center be completely sustainable--not only in the work that goes on inside it, but also in the energy-efficient design of the physical building itself.



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