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Boston Media Makers

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Boston Media Makers:  LIVE notes, 12/2/07


(PBWiki tech problems:  links may not be working)


FOUR MORE SPEAKERS TO GO:  12:15pm, done 12:42pm


Next meeting:  1st Sunday of 2008, 1/6/08  Check http://www.BostonMediaMakers.com


Topic:  Originally, was "How are you using Twitter?" now each speaker just telling the group what they are doing


Live video:  http://www.mogulus.com/stevegarfield


My three minutes:


Bill Wendel:  twitter.com/realestatecafe


How using Twitter?  See http://realestatecafe.pbwiki.com/Twitter


Most early adopters in real estate using for B2B.  Interested in 2 minute brainstorm on B2C, C2C, and C2B uses of Twitter in real estate: 


If you were, or are looking for a home to buy, apartment to rent, or new roommate situation, how would you use Twitter.com

Group uses for Twitter?


Experimented yesterday:  Tried to host a host a vigil yesterday for World AIDS Day

Cross posted TwitterVigil to Facebook, too, even bought ads to promote it


Working on:


Real Estate Unconference (PBWiki tech problems:  links may not be working)

Ice cream truck turned mobile podcasting / mapping studio (PBWiki tech problems:  links may not be working)




Blog's:  http://www.ArtFilmTalk.com


Interview someone involved in the film business


ShowNTell:  Talking about mic's

Tram 50 Lavalier micro phone:  $280

Check B&H catalogue

Buy from Talamass Broadcast in Boston

Strong audio line of products, rent before you buy

... check links on other's Twitters


Delayed trying to download Mogulus, will keep trying

Lavalier micro phones:  Check spelling,


Web / Video Summit in NYC:  12/11?  Check date

David is speaking there




Lives in Colorado? 

Retired from corporate world, now helps arts organizations integrate new media tools into businesses


Article in Wall Street Journal about an artist using YouTube.com


http://www.IYule.com:  20 minutes of fireside Christmas Carols

Part of the money goes


ExitArt.org in NYC hosts a podcast of their work, and have a performance group, too








Meet every five or six weeks, in town, or somewhere outside

Looks for sponsors so people can eat for FREE







Wants to know what people think about them

Len:  If Utterz would offer live video, could be move ahead of Seesmic.com

Still taking weeks for people to get into Seesmic. com


How different than using YouTube to live stream

Lower barrier according to participants in the room


Jack:  Also making an attempt to integrate into Social Media

Seesmic seems to be more integrated into Twitter, automatically send to your blog, too?

Currently hard to follow threads, though.  Same point @ResPres made via Twitter yesterday


Next Breakfast is 8-10:am, 12/17/07:  15 Beacon St, visit SocialMediaBreakfast.com to sign-up






Built on top of open source http://plone.com


Interviews, broadcasts, screencasts as well


Can paste in URL's from YouTube, etc. and pull into your site on Plone.TV




Film maker from London


Formerly with BBC, dragged "kicking & screaming" into internet



Visitor from London


Interactive project:  "Choose your character"


Crowded WOW'ed by falling apple on site, when speaker pulled into projector in the room


Find link to Baby video




Tech problems on PBwiki:  lost comments, please add




Tech problems on PBwiki:  lost comments, please add


Jack (check name)


Developing database of local social media makers


Tech problems on PBwiki:  lost comments, please add




Tech problems on PBwiki:  lost comments, please add


Jack Hodgson




Moved back to Boston from Silicon Valley

Wants to produce events, was active in Boston Computer Society in the past

Blog:  http://www.UncontrolledAirspace.com

Laughter:  Apparently, podcast is appealing to those who don't fly

Start-up:  http://www.VoxCi.com

Make it easy to add voice to the web

Lots of people using audio online

USP:  Ability to bookmark other sites, and add your own voice introduction

Add your voice to any web page

Use application to generate word of mouth: VoxciPro

"This is what I think about this organization..."

Experimenting with adding voice to the web / social bookmarking with audio

Spoken word on the internet

Wide open right now, if you want to play with it, sign-up for a FREE account

Experiment, and let us know what you think, good and bad.




TRB Design


Looking for help on:


GrandCentral made by Google


Bryan:  WordPress for Dummies

http://blogs.voxeo.com or http://blog.voxeo.com

Dan York: 


Click on Learn about Video Blogging on SteveGarfield.com for five, easy step process


Bryan recommends experimenting with Flip cam, a.k.a.  "soccer mom" cam, or disposal video cam

Good place to start, then you can upgrade to a more expensive camera


John Erman (?)


Improv comedy in Central Square at the

GameBoys:  Thursday


12/28/07:  One man stage show about podcasting

RadioGhost.com:  Shawn Hurley, 79 year old man (who is NOT 79 years old)


Bob Sherrif


Independent film maker, primarily for corporate clients promoting products


Beginning to ceate podcast & videoblogs for corporate clients


Currently "social media" lite, and want to become social media HEAVY


Think it is an area


Todd from Topaz Partners referred him


Social Media Club meeting this Thursday at CanTab?


Looking at Corporate Vlogs because they want corporate clients to understand they are no longer speaking To customers, speaking with clients


ClueTrain manifesto early dot.com days

natea the Cluetrain Manifesto message of "markets are conversations" is even more true today. http://www.cluetrain.com


New Rules of Marketing & ... more recent book, see Boston PodCamp speakers in the past


QuarterLife does not have an advertising budget (but do have a PR company)




Blog: MattSearles.com


Artist, looking at business side of art


Project:  Make a CD in a month?


Also does video and ann


http://www.AssymmeticBizCult.com:  Collaboration of art and business




Grad student at Lesley U


Blog & podcast:  davidlamorte.com






http://www.LibraryTectonics.com (check?)

Works for library in Reading



Public Library Association blog, first official

Do podcasts from conferences, sessions with permission, too

Goal:  Enrich conference experience for people who go, and don't go

Speaking to Librarians in RI on Thursday about Web 2.0 in the library world

First wave of Library Web 2.0 apps often fell short of expectations because wrong

social media tool

Goal:  Help libraries identify their goals, select the right tools

Like any other reference question, to use a library metaphor

Misc comments


Best practices / Innovative apps


Virtual libraries in SecondLife

Started out as Info Island, now SecondLife Library


Steve Albanese




How to's for mobile devices, to HDTV


Have released several FREE and paid podcasts, now doing additional titles with external authors


Content is primarily geared to the music technoloy industry, but looking at other apps

Deliver content weekly, or as needed


Fun:  http://www.FridayBrew.TV

Closed circuit version of it


Using some of the new iChat functionality

Created background of beers from around the world




Mac World Guerilla exhibitor


eCamm.com makes a swivel cam

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