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Buyer agency fee rebate

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Sample letters: Buyer agency fee rebate & Referral redistribution 


Home buyers and sellers, help coauthor this fund raising letter for rebates in the pipeline by adding your favorite charity or cause.  Fellow real estate change agents are invited to reuse this generic "Community commission" fund raising letter in states where real estate rebates are allowed by law.)


Dear _____, (see sample letter sent to past client)


The $20,000 buyer agency fee on your purchase of ______ has cleared and is ready to rebate to you as stated in our fee agreement.  As we've discussed, we encourage our clients to donate a portion of their rebate to charities in six broad categories each beginning with the letter "A," a working concept we call our "Community Commission."  Please review the list of non-profit organizations listed in each category below, or add an organization of your choice to our wiki:


AIDS orphans (watch short video),


Arts organizations or individual Artists,


Advocacy groups,


Assistance efforts (disaster relief, micro-financing, etc), and


Alumni class funds


Apostolic works (added last year, Christmas 2007)


We are also open to “Angel” funding proposals so you can donate to a worthy private cause or friend, including contributions to a child’s college educational fund. Think of it as BYOB: Bring Your Own Beneficiary.


Whether or not you donate some of the rebate, or "pay-it-forward," is your decision. There is no obligation. All we ask is that you inform us of the beneficiary so we can add it to our Pledge Map and tell users of our social networking site, http://ChangeAgents.ning.com.


Finally, if the home buying process was more difficult than you anticipated, you may want to reward yourselves with a vacation! If you are already a member of a frequent flier program, we would be glad to use some of your portion of the rebate to increase your frequent flier miles or purchase a gift certificates for travel.


If you like, we can also provide additional information on other "rebate exhancements" (details upon request).


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