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ConnectSF 2009

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Blogger Connect


1.  Social media metrix (Dustin Luther) post later


2.  Facebook for Fun and Profit


3.  CopyBlogger Keynote


4.  How to Market to and Connect with First-Time Home Buyers Online


5.  Online Ad-Spend Triage:  Where -- or if -- to Spend Your Money Online


6.  Beyond Fun and Games:  ROI Driven Social Media Strategies


7.  Agent 2.0:  Cutting Edge Tactics for the Wired Agent


8.  The End Game:  Will Big Brokers or Small Shops Dominate the RE Future?



Thursday, August 6, 2009


1.  Duet:  Listings, Leads, and Vision:  What's the Ideal Online RE Business Model


2.  New Tools for RE Due Diligence


3.  Foreclosure MLS


4.  Agent Ratings


5.  Anticipating the Post Newspaper Era:  How to Become the Media in your Marketplace



Friday, August 7. 2009


1.  Duet: Mortgage Reboot: Will Startups or Stalwarts Ensure Safer and Saner Lending Practices?


2.  Connect Create:  Agent Scouting Report





100 Fold Return from ConnectSF 2009

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