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Corporate Responsibility

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Boston Social Media Group

Corporate Social Responsibility



What is your perception of what we need right now?


First speaker: 


Who is acting irresponsibly?


Corporate Social Responsibility


Social media created a new way to drive reputation


Strong business case for


Companies that communicate a moral purpose will prosper

People will do business with people they believe they can trust


Doing good and not doing bad brings value to a corporation


BP's "Beyond Petroleum" campaign

A great, great message


BW question:  One in six homeowners in America are upside down on their mortgages.  If you represented a real estate brokerage company, what kind of corporate social responsibility campaign would you recommend they implement?


The BLAME game:  Wall Street versus Main Street


Who's fault is it?


Those who are responsible should come and fix it.


Post Bailout: 


McCain initiative: 


Get their team on the same page?


Hard to sell people in this environment


1 in 50 in foreclosure:   1 in 6 upside down.  We're all in this together.


Support Groups


Help people understand the problem and calm their fears


Getting people to spend money is difficult


New PR Strategy: A Sense of Humor


Proof of concept:  Frozen Peas / Susan Reynolds


Coming up with new ideas


Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl

Virtual Send a Scoop

Go to Ben & Jerry's and send to

Get $2 off


Building community

Blog Action Day has over 80 cosponsor organizations


The key to any company in the 21st Century is PEOPLE. Those people now have the mechanism to talk about products and service providers anytime, anywhere because they have the tools. 




Real Estate Cafe links




Community Commission

Opportunity to help local non-profits as donor dollars decline


Homecoming Blitz



$30 billion in consumer saving annually



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