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Live notes from ConnectSF

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LIVE WIKI NOTES:  ConnectSF 2008 (coming soon)



LIVE WIKI NOTES:  ConnectSF 2007


Wednesday, 8/1/07


Developing mobile apps in real estate


Real Estate:  The Bad News (hand written, add later)


Real Estate: 50 New Things


Duet: Realtor vs Zillow


User Generated Content Revolution


Duet: Prudential vs Trulia





Thursday, 8/2/07


Rapid Response Realtor hosted by Trulia


The Blogging Superstars


Story of an Entrepreneur


Duet: JohnLScott vs Redfin


Hugh MacLeod


Duet: Coldwell Banker vs Craigslist


New Kids


Future of the MLS


Web 2 your company





Friday, 8/3/07


Real estate portals


Where from here








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