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LIVE NOTES from PodCampBoston3



Presented by David Cutler, EatMedia.com & Jim Dowd, HelpGuest.com


Presentation slides & blog now online, see PodCamp Love on David's blog





1.  Shift your expectations


2.  Consider your options -- ASK your customers


3.  LOVE



NEW SLIDE:  Why does this feel so wrong?






Encouraging trial & adoption


NEW SLIDE:  New Way of Thinking


Recommended Books

Does it Matter

Crossing the Chasm





Chris Brogan:  "Can't feed your kids with hugs"


The Shopping Cart Queen:  Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners


Wings Around the Globe

On-line video cooking show

Portal for Southern NH

Wine journalist, Burbul

Thomas, Reuters


NEW SLIDE:  Money is ... "Currency"


Flowing & powering everywhere like electricity



Linden Dollars


Content - Utility



NEW SLIDE:  Traction v Friction


Got to close the gap between preceived value, in your eyes vs what others thing about what you are doing


3x Overvalue your own product


-3x Value of your product vs installed base


NEW SLIDE: [Do the] the Right Thing


Slide of George Bailey, It's a Wonderful Life


NEW SLIDE:  The only advice we will give you (today)


Make your own money

Love your market

Learn and Share -- ASK THEM?


What wil clients pay for?

Shift your expectations to match the opportunities your love


My attempts to ask clients what they like about The Real Estate Cafe's business model


If airlines have fare sales, should real estate agents? Part 2


How can we improve our money-saving Menu of Fees & Rebates?




Own multiple channels


NEW SLIDE:  Forces on your Business Model


Five Forces


NEW SLIDE:  Quadrants Rule to Assess Many Options


Two axis graph with four quadrants





No model


NEW SLIDE:  Consider your Big Picture


NEW SLIDE:  Where The Money is Going -- Near You!


1.  Device & Equipment


2.  Internet access: 


3.  Applications


4.  Implementation & integration


5.  Advertising (revenue sharing)


6.  Transactions:  What can you sell right on your site?


7.  Analysis:  Maybe you can get paid for your research or insight?


Research world heading into this space... pros beginning to host focus groups


Who wants to pay to talk to your clients?


NEW SLIDE:  Crowd sourcing with Revenue Sharing


Image:  Were you there when news happened?

Upload your photos and videos here to have them considered for use in articles and features on Yahoo! News



Just posted to Twitter.com/RealEstateCafe


BIZ DEV: Imagine a national network of house hunters, turned embedded housing bubble reporters using Yahoo! BETA http://tinyurl.com/yewdl3


NEW SLIDE: Inspiration from Information


How are people monetizing their Podcasts?




Steve from http://TutorialDepot.com talking about his business model

Initially put on info for FREE, offered premium features

Seems to be working, some people are paying

More opt to get limited product free, but others wiling to pay for premium


Kelle from http://SpartaSuccess.com

Repackaging 52 podcasts from last year into a new membership site

One podcast per month for FREE (for 6 months)

Members able to get more podcasts or access to previous programs for a FREE




Handed out Dollars coins

Give that dollar we gave you to the person from this session who has the coolest shoes!


My vote goes to TIP TOES!





Video recordings of tech events like this!



Positioning statement:  eBay for skills!

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