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referral redistribution

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Sample letters:  Referral fee rebate & Buyer agency fee rebate



Dear seller,


Congratulations on the recent sale of your home.  The Real Estate Cafe received a $1,500 referral fee at closing, and as stated in our St. Joseph Statue Buyback agreement, our policy is to share the referral fee three ways:


One-third or $500 is retained by The Real Estate Cafe;


One-third or $500 is rebated to you in a check or travel gift certificates; and


One-third or $500 will be donated to the charitable purposes you selected upon signing the referral agreement. 


As agreed, a minimum of 20% of the referral fee must be donated to an AIDS orphanage of your choice.  Beyond that, you have the opportunity to redistribute the referral fees to charities in six broad categories.  As shown in the attached excel spreadsheet, the math is relatively straightforward and you can adjust the figures to decide:


1. How much of the $500 you want rebated in cash versus travel gift certificates, and


2. How you would like to distribute your $500 donation to charitable organizations in six categories, each beginning with the letter "A": 


AIDS orphans (watch short video),


Arts organizations or individual Artists,


Advocacy groups,


Assistance efforts (disaster relief, micro-financing, etc), and


Alumni class funds


Apostolic works (added Christmas 2007)


We are also open to “Angel” funding proposals so you can donate to a worthy private cause or friend, including contributions to a child’s college educational fund.  However, please note that we limit angel donations to 20% of the redistributed part of the rebate or $100 in your case.


If your home sales process was more difficult than you had anticipated, and you may want to reward yourselves with a vacation! If you are already a member of a frequent flier program, we would be glad to use some or all of your portion of the rebate to increase your frequent flier miles or purchase a gift certificates for travel.



“The next major revolution in real estate will be fee based services replacing the blanket commission pricing that has dominated the industry for so long.”

Former Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors


Bill Wendel

The Real Estate Cafe / Voice Real Estate, Inc.

Serving a menu of money-saving services since 1995

97a Garden St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 661-4046





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