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2008Q1, Week 9:  2/24-3/1/08


02/28/08 Thursday, 59nd day of 2008, 307 days remaining


Live notes:  Where's your customer?  The Impact of Social Media on Selling


Live notes:  Here comes everybody:  The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Like Lawrence Lessig on the effect of new technology on regimes of cultural creation, Shirky's assessment of the impact of new technology on the nature and use of groups is marvelously broad minded, lucid, and penetrating; it integrates the views of a number of other thinkers across a broad range of disciplines with his own pioneering work to provide a holistic framework for understanding the opportunities and the threats to the existing order that these new, spontaneous networks of social interaction represent. Wikinomics, yes, but also wikigovernment, wikiculture, wikievery imaginable interest group, including the far from savory. A revolution in social organization has commenced, and Clay Shirky is its brilliant chronicler.


2008Q1, Week 6:  2/3-9/08


02/07/08 Thursday, 328 days remaining


GLOBAL HOME:  Updating Million Dollar March / Million$March for 2008, adding internal competition to ASAP's friendly annual competition


02/01/08 Friday, 334 days remaining


GLOBAL HOME:  Updating Million Dollar March / Million$March for 2008, adding internal competition to ASAP's friendly annual competition


2008Q1, Week 5:  1/27-2/2/08


01/28/08 Monday, 341 days remaining


Bill Wendel RealEstateCafe Blog post re NYTimes & Today show video: Misleading home buyers: Conflict of Interest? What conflict of interest? http://tinyurl.com/228jz2


2008Q1, Week 3:  1/20-26/08


1/23/08, 23rd day of 2008, 343 days remaining


Added first draft of Real Estate Cafe timeline




This day in history:

1984 - The Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface, is introduced during Super Bowl XVIII with its famous "1984" television commercial.



2008Q1, Week 3:  1/13-19/08




Working on correction




Bill Wendel RealEstateCafe Watching video tour of iPhone software update: http://tinyurl.com/ywxmrh Home buyers want to experiment w/ map functionality? Email or DM me


Working on correction 




Community Commission:  Help coauthor fund raising letter for rebates in the pipeline by adding your favorite charity or cause


2008Q1, Week 2:  1/5-12/08


Thanks to Twitter, participated in Real Estate Connect NYC online 


2008Q1, Week 1:  12/30/07-1/5/08




Added http://www.frappr.com/realestatecafe to http://realestatecafe.ning.com


Just scanned 1st clients to log into our MLS search in 2008






2007Q4, Week 52:  12/23-29/07


2007Q4, Week 51:  12/16-22/07

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