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Twenty (plus) ways to use Twitter in real estate:  B2B, B2B2C, B2C, C2B, C2C


LIVE Notes from Boston Media Makers:  Sunday, December 2, 2007


Real estate innovators are exploring ways to use Twitter, a "micro-blogging" / presence application, at their annual convention in Las Vegas. You can follow their posts directly on Twitter or a site that has been set-up to aggregate posts from selected tech leaders, http://narupdates.wordpress.com/


Readers are invited to use this wiki to document what they've seen, and / or how they hope to use Twitter in the future in the categories below.  Twitter doesn't have it's own wiki yet, but there is an independent Twitter Fan Wiki which includes a Newbies Corner and an amazing list of Twitter apps.  If you use Typepad, use this link to add Twitter to your blog.


Working list below includes over 60 uses and is growing daily.  Can we make it to 200?  Real estate agents, and more importantly, home buyers and sellers, how are you using Twitter?  Please log onto this wiki and let us know, or send The Real Estate Cafe privately.


B2B: Business-to-business


At NAR convention




Poke fun at friends

jfsellsius: hey loren & jeff. Are you guys there to cause trouble?


Overload friends' smartphones

stevegroves: Augghhh - 336 tweets! What r u people doing up there in Vegas!!


Announce BIG news!





Ask for opinions

LawDepot: @RealEstateCafe: OpenSocial & RE brokerage? Hm...could be a lot of potential there. What are your thoughts?


Invite opinion leaders to join Twitter

Private email available upon request


Update on whereabouts

Too numerous to single out any Tweeter


Share arrival / departure plans

jburslem: Conference over for me. Packing bags and heading to airport soon 


Announce presentations

RealEstateZebra: I'm at expo booth 3444 (Incredible Agent) at 10am. Check me out. I'll be the one in stripes!


Updates on presentations

RealEstateCafe: Listening to Joel Burslem @ Mike Price's GeekEstateBlog's stage. Interesting model of "conference within a conference"


Live notes from presentations

Follow http://twitter.com/RealEstateZebra (beware information overload)


Pull quotes from presentations


Post links to new blog post

RealEstateZebra: New blog post: NAR2007 Day 2 Recap (in Stripes) http://tinyurl.com/2z7y9k


Post links to new video


Post links to new audio


Post links to new wiki content


Seed discussion topics


RFP: Request for proposals


Invite peers to share a meal

LVRealEstate: Good morning, Rainers! I'll be on the Expo floor most of the day ... Lunch at Grand Lux Cafe at 12:30 ... everybody's welcome.


Invite people to appear on TV / video

gswann: The Zebra on TV: http://tinyurl.com/yv82kr Who's next? Pick a time and we'll do an interview.


Showing requests

RealEstateCafe: @ Boston buyer agents Two showing requests in Arlington & Medford today. Please send fee-for-service proposals privately


Compare "Best of Breed" software apps

RealEstateCafe Just added 25+ custom fields to http://www.RealFutureCRM.com Anyone using it, or another Web 2.0 CRM to track home buyers clients & leads?


Learn about "best practices" by following early adaptors

Scan followers list of anyone you follow


Find out about "best of breed" blogs outside real estate

chrisbrogan What are some of the top/best blog networks out there? Weblogs Inc, B5, GigaOmni, Corante, who? (And do you work for any of these? DM me.)

Recruit money-saving real estate sites to join coop marketing opportunity

RealEstateCafe Updated inventory of digital assets. Exciting synergy & revenue opportunities. Need moneysaving RE sites 2 share 2 Boston.com/realestate ads


Share LIVE notes from unConferences

RealEstateCafe VoiceMLS: Typing LIVE notes from MobileCampBoston session on monetizing mobile apps http://tinyurl.com/375l38






Ask metaphysical questions

TBoard: If someone twitters and no one sees it did they twitter?


Disclose secret love affairs

FrancesFlynnTho: is falling in LOVE with Google ... we've been good friends for years but I am using more of their tools and this is getting serious.


Learn about desperate home sellers

cspenn How bad is the housing bubble bursting? This is the smell of desperation: http://www.christopherspenn... not to mention a bad marriage.


When it comes to love, realizing that truth is stranger than fiction

RealEstateCafe Surprised to hear about pre-marriage counseling in SecondLife last night at http://tinyurl.com/2rcybx until I read http://tinyurl.com/2y9eqy




Announce coalition building efforts / calls to action

RealEstateCafe: @gswann Nice job on consumer guide to divorcing real estate commissions. Added it to wiki calling for coalition & action plan. Next steps?


Point people to hot topics

bkmcae: divorced commission firestorm: http://agentgenius.com/?p=340 read the comments!


Ask challenging (some might say "annoying") questions

RealEstateCafe: Booth Sleuth: If MacDonalds & Burger King have 99 cent menus, why not a $99 "a la carte" menu for buyers & sellers? Watch for Tweets


Advocate for consumer protection

RealEstateCafe: Bid deadline soon. Any states have laws requiring transparency in multiple bid situations? Bidding wars are so 2000-2005! Reform ideas?


Start fights, even when you're not trying to

RealEstateCafe BlogFight: "What will it take for real estate consumers to organize into money-saving coops?" Heating up on Trulia http://tinyurl.com/2bhn97


Get recommendations on best sites to use

RealEstateCafe Recommendations for best Thanksgiving traffic condition site / service via cell phone? Traveling I-90 MassPike W to Long Island, NY via 95S


Start conversations about business practices

RealEstateCafe If MLS listings reveal "days on market" should buyers disclose "days IN market?" 1st appt for buyer-432 days, 804 pageviews, 172 "favorites"


Focus attention on urgent issues & opportunities

RealEstateCafe Threadingx3? @ResPres Experiment w/ TwitterVigil to create RE version of (product)RED for World AIDS Day? Model on http://tinyurl.com/3crx74


Use Tweet Scan to see what people are writing about

ResPres Searched Tweet Scan for: real estate http://tinyurl.com/2c34o8


Learn about ways to leverage content / simplify life

RealEstateCafe Hope Ligit leverages content our Web 2 sites & solves digital fragmentation. Why no wiki integration? Workarounds? http://tinyurl.com/ywbywx


Ask for referrals to advisors with specific expertise

RealEstateCafe Trying to help homebuyer navigate thru Countrywide foreclosure/Fannie Mae resale process. Need RE attorney in MA. Referral?


Compare responses to the real estate bubble

RealEstateCafe Fellow exclusive buyer agents in markets with FALLING housing prices, do you recommend that relocating buyers rent rather than buy now?

Start conversations about market conditions

RealEstateCafe Stock market "worst start in 20 years" will real estate look more attractive as investors flee to safety or worse? http://tinyurl.com/yqev92


Develop network of money-saving, bubble-savvy, buyer agents


RealEstateCafe CHANGE AGENTS: Made buyer referrals to Chicago & Manhattan this week. Looking 4 bubble savvy, buyer agents who can deliver savings across US


B2C: Business-to-consumer


From NAR convention





"Booth Sleuth" posting a series of money-saving tweets from exhibitors at NAR expo http://twitter.com/realestatecafe


Before and after NAR






Post home buyer profiles

RealEstateCafe Updating home buyer list: Congrats 2 Shannon 1st anniversary, 7208 MLS pageviews in 366 days, 20 pageviews/day, 20 "favorites" -FSBOs wanted


Mini-market updates

RealEstateCafe: Mini-market update: Lexington, MA under $600K: 1 in 7 single family homes asking 10% below assessment past 14 mos., sales $ even lower!


Announce location of tabletop presentations

RealEstateCafe: Off to Harvard Sq. OFFER: Coffee & 30 minutes FREE advice courtesy of The Real Estate Cafe to first call, email, or Twitter: 12:30-1pm


Plants seeds of reform

RealEstateCafe: Fire in garage? Ceiling leak in kitchen? Why aren't seller's disclosures required in MA & posted online? Waste of buyer's time


Ask for feedback

RealEstateCafe: Just finished forum post: "Open http://changeagents.ning.com to home buyers & sellers?" Consumer feedback on "Community Commission" model?


Refine business plan

RealEstateCafe: BPlanBlitz post #Inman: Added OLD executive summary to wiki & 50+ reasons to use RECafe (@1995-6). Consumers, how do U select agent to use?


Share best practices

RealEstateCafe: Love it when clients withdraw interest in making an impulsive offer after reviewing download of MLS listings selling below assessed value


Recruit BETA testers

RealEstateCafe Just renewed http://VoiceMLS.com Need some buyers in Boston 2 BETA test. Imagine searching MLS by speaking in2 phone then text/email results


Shameless self-promotion masquerading as philanthropy

RealEstateCafe Preparing offer on Lexington SF. On pace for record LOW fee. Buyer bought down hourly rate by pledging $1K of rebate to charity


Promote business model

RealEstateCafe Hand delivered $19,000 rebate to 1st client to select "$3,000 flat fee, plus performance bonus" from menu of fees: http://tinyurl.com/yp9kug


Use "teachable moments" to advise clients

RealEstateCafe Overheard "My parents have been getting ready to put their home on the market for 12 years." Buyers don't wait for MLS listings be proactive


Announce changes to blog

RealEstateCafe Just activated Meebo widget on blog, changed FREE Coffee 2.0 to FREE Advice 2.0 (more explicit message of intent) http://tinyurl.com/2yqz6w


Invite clients to join subgroups on social networking site

RealEstateCafe Using http://AnnounceMyMove.com to send customized invites to top 36 buyer clients to join "1,000 Click Club" http://realestatecafe.ning.com


Invite clients to experiment with new cell phone & map capabilities

RealEstateCafe Watching video tour of iPhone software update: http://tinyurl.com/ywxmrh Home buyers want to experiment w/ map functionality? Email or DM me


Share information about other buyers

RealEstateCafe Reviewing client's "favorite" properties for showings. 50%+ are off-market: 2 expired+3 canceled+preforeclosures > 2 active+1 new listing

Publish site improvements

RealEstateCafe Reorganized sidebar on http://realestatecafe.blogs... Added links: WSJ on 100% rebate, Menu of Fees & Rebates, RECafe timeline back to 1993


Start mass movements?

RealEstateCafe Just set-up http://www.cafepress.com/Re..., wonder if home buyers would wear RE Consumer Bill of Rights? http://tinyurl.com/2pbxrm


C2B: Consumer-to-business






Use Tweet Scan to see what people are writing about

ResPres Searched Tweet Scan for: real estate http://tinyurl.com/2c34o8


C2C: Consumer-to-consumer




Answer trivia questions for points

            @popquiz Where is the Guinness brewery located? Please be specific.




Organize your own HomebuyerPosse or HousehuntingPosse

RealEstateCafe Thanks @Bryper for reference to "Twitter Posse" Inspired blog "Will homebuyers create their own "Twitter posses"? http://tinyurl.com/3xg3k3


Use Tweet Scan to see what people are writing about

ResPres Searched Tweet Scan for: real estate http://tinyurl.com/2c34o8



Learn how to use http://tweeterboard.com/user/realestatecafe

Watch http://tweetstats.com





My Tweeter reading list:


Getting more out of YOUR speaking opportunities



Add yours...

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