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Welcome: Brad Inman

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150 Speakers

New companies, new OLD companies


Golden Gate Bridge

746 feet high

International Orange

$34M to build

$1.2B in today's dollars in the Depression


1.8B cars have passed the Golden Gate bridge


80,000 miles of wiring

Only four years to build


They used the wisdom of crowds


Estimated at $100M to build

Joseph Strauss: submitted bid for $17M

Poet, dreamer,


Greek scholar, Mathematician (fired by worked for 6 straight years for free!)

Irving Morrell, residential architect

Designed bridge towers, lighting, international orange

The deflection theory


Money man

1928 Legislature set aside money for the bridge

$30M in bonds

His commitment

Big men, doing big things


Situation now is equally challenging

Typical of innovations, struggle

Legal challenges


Public boycotted ferries, railroads withdrew legal challenge


Half-way to Hell Club

19 Men fell off bridge into safety nets


Like all innovation, whether we like it or not, there is a DARK SIDE


Some come here to cross-over

It happens all the time


People giving up hope

The Bridge


The #1 place in the World for Suicide

2nd most iconic thing in the world beside the Eiffel Tower


Innovation comes with the Dark Side

Have to continue to innovate

Consequences are very, very real


Take a picture of who you are, search the internet, know who you are

Have to admit them

Do not stop innovating

Constantly innovate


Put a bridge across the Gate


End with a poem Mr. Strauss wrote

The mighty task is done


Not Dark Side

But moral imperative, moral courage

Where is moral leadership in industry

Issue not Dark Side:

But upside down:


Ask them who stood alone while



Where is the real estate market?


Stimulate old truck

Trying all kinds of things

Tax credit worked, now not working


Double Dip? Are we going down again?

Statistic looked like we're recovering


On a horizontal plain right now

Tremendous amount of money on the sidelines


Where are we?

To surprise, answers were 7 on 1 to 10




Sales transactions are down dramatically


Best case and worst case

5 to 5.5M in existing home sales

Still have an abundance of vacant homes


Should I invest somewhere outside the USA?


Anyone in this room who will be around in 20 years will view this time as one of the

1.84Trillion in Cash in Corporate America

425M in buyout firms


When that happens there will be job growth, when that happens, housing will rebound

Could be 2 or 3 more years


Tremendous buying opportunities, which is why I am back in the market


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