Media Upheavel

Kara Swisher
Technology Columnist,
WSJ/All Things Digital


Too tired to type

Watch video when Inman releases after conferrence for "premium members"



Investigative journalism paid by two rich mortgage lenders


AOL trying really hard

Wrote two books on AOL:  The Rise & The Fall


20 iPad look alikes coming this year


5 year old thinks every device should be interactive / is a TV


Visual and Voice are BIG deals!


Google Googles

Take a photo of anything


Care you search people's face's

You will be able to take a photo of people and access who they are


Imagine the future of open houses when you can take a photo of people and know their buying power


DIGITAL HOME: Imagine future of open houses if sellers can take photo of people & know their search profile. Get ahead of tech? #icsf #reVRM


Bing: Never thought I would use Microsoft and innovation in the same sentence



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