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Discuss using reVRM to certify trust factors

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15.  Fourth parties will develop platforms to certify trust worthiness of real estate professionals based on terms of service, eg. No conflicts of interest because brokerage prohibits dual agency.


Comments / discussion:


OK, so I can get my own agent to look for properties for me, represent me through the buying process now, for a fee of 50% of the 4% - 6% commission.  My wife who just got her real estate license in Hawaii got a referral commission on a property that came out of the seller's agent's commission. She had to give 30% of that to her local affiliated broker for doing nothing, I'm not sure what is new here.  VRM talks about 4th parties, which really only exist in real estate, because the transaction is high enough to drive a business system, as opposed to bidding on an airplane ticket.


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