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Discuss direct buyer seller matches outside MLS

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16.  Homebuyers and sellers will be able to find each other independent of MLS, preempting role and cost of traditional agents, particularly full fee listing agents.


Comments / discussion:


OK, that is sort of true already.  But you have to have a connection/relationship between buyer and seller. That's how we bought an oceanfront condo in Hawaii.  We targeted the owners and let them know our intent. How to scale this?  A homebuyer's club makes sense if one is buying more than one property, or is trying to buy into a very desireable market with limited inventory (Brookline, MA, Hawaii oceanfront, etc.)  But as a seller, why would I limit my marketing my property to one of these? Why not just get an MLS so anyone can see it?  (Now that MLS is on the Internet, not a private listing among the old real estate keiretsu). Would I have liked a homebuyer's club for oceanfront property when we bought?  Not really.  I don't competition -- I want to find the buyer and buy without interference from either agents or other prospective buyers.


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