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VRM Search

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Search - Joe Andrieu

Three papers available


Chairs http://www.KantaraInitiative.org


Got started in VRM in respond to Doc's question about shopping carts


How do you apply VRM to search?


Searches are more than queries!

It's all of your queries

Wow - implications for real estate, a multi-dimensional search

Discoveries you make


Special offers





The content

Notes you make?


How does VRM help?

Personal data share

When you are searching (on/off/context switch)

What you've done, all that you've discovered


Personal data store

Gives individuals a medium for iterative "conversation" with solution providers


User Driven Search

Control over the Input

     More than keyword queries

     Rich detailed search context

Control over the Output

     Where are search results displayed

     Delete bad results "permanently"

Control over who gets to help you

     Right now,

     No matter where you go on the internet, the PDS can reach you


Not hard to imagine this could have a disruptive impact on residential real estate.  Many of The Real Estate Cafe's clients have searched on more than 1,000 MLS pages alone!  Imagine allowing them to aggregate and edit all of their househunting queries, not just listings they look at!  This goes way behind on of the wish list items on our http://bit.ly/reVRM-Minifesto


10.  Buyers will be able to manage and release their listing clickstreams so sellers, including distressed sellers, auctioneers, and leanders or government agencies with foreclosures, can invite them to bid on properties.  (See comments received / Discuss)


Look forward to participating in breakout sessions with:

@joeandrieu talking about Persoanl Data Stores (PDS) and SwitchBook http://is.gd/eEWKY

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