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Personal Data Exchange (PDX)

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This whole thing is about PDX

The name of a town

PDX is the name for a global network of... didn't type fast enough

..interconnected personal data stores?


Vendor can track what it knows about YOUR machine

WRM:  Web Relationship Management (audience LOL)


What if we put one of those on your side of the browser?

Connect laptop, phone, etc.


Now we have YOUR database and THEIR databases?  How are they going to talk?

Whole different kind of web

Machines talking to machines

When we talk about VRM, we're talking about a whole network of machines talking to each other, that's what we call PDX


Two hallmarks of PDX

1.  Link contracts

2.  Data portability

The ability for individuals to move 100% of their data from one PDS provider to another and have it keep working just the way they were... see slide


What's necessary to realize a global PDX network?

1.  PDX technical standards

2.  PDX trust network

3.  PDX open source project


History of organization, see slides...

Information Card Foundation

Open Identify Exchange


Talk to us



Iain H

Phil Windley


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