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Context Automation

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Context Automation, Kynextx Rule Language (KRL) - Phil Windley



One of those places where you can pull separate websites into places


LOL slides


Overwhelming amount of content in presentation, in execution, too







For successful companies, 80% of


Get me a domain

Now just want to take APIs and glue them together

Still not enough because lots of APIs


Kynextx Rule Language (KRL)

Designed for programming the internet (go to breakout session?)

Able to provide single web experience for users


Languages promote "crazy laziness"

Why a new language?


Whenever I build a language, people shock me with what they do with them

Create a common explosion of activity

Come see the DEMO!


A PDS without automation might be worse than nothing at all





See white paper at http://bit.ly/kntxwp


Slides: http://bit.ly/9av0uK 




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