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CRM baseline

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CRM baseline - Dan Miller



Transformation of Collaboration

Contact centers are less "formal" (brick & mortar)


Agents can be working at home


Channels are changing

Past was about "the phone"

Evolve to include






Engagement models are deepening

New social graph

B2c is history

Replaced by





As a result the back end system is getting much more expansive and almost unmanageable

CRM>Transaction History>Payment Status>Address>Location>Destination>Call Records>Search History>on and on


It's getting w-a-a-y to complex

With VRM were not exactly eliminating complexity


Capturing more data


It appeals as "social CRM"

Provides the feeling of Better Customer Service

Builds Loyalty


Huge annual expenses to update CRM files


What's missing?

An agent or "facilitator" working on behalf of the customer or buyer



Ergo the R button

Create graphic indicator of intent


Time to put some meat on these bones?

Define technical requirements

Contrast requirements of vertical markets (eg. health care,


Dan Miller










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