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CRM panel

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CRM panel - Dan Miller, Denis Pombriant, Josh Weinberger, John McKean


One definition of VRM is better use of information for competition (missed exact quote, see if anyone else tweets)


Talking about behavioral issues behind transition to VRM

70% of issues behind adoption are behavioral


Horizontal axis:  Transaction > Relationship

Vertical axis:  Vendor driven > Customer driven


Progression: Increasing levels of emotion, from CRM to SocialCRM to VRM


Acknowledgement, respect, trust

The most powerful human emotion is FEAR, the other is GREED


What is the compelling business case to move people from Vendor driven transactions to Customer driven relationships


One of the things not being done well right now, is DEFINED communities to explore needs of customers.  Could a homebuyers club address this problem, how about readers of real estate sections of newspapers, and their blogs, like Boston Real Estate Now?



Marketing people have rediscovered the contact centers


Social is disintermediating the vendor, because social means people helping people


One of the biggest things is going to be business case?


You don't need perfect information, you need the wisdom of crowds


TRUST FACTORS: Issue is NOT what do vendors do with customer data, but can they trust it?  Are any #realestate sites grading consumer input? #VRM #reVRM



RealEstateCafe Q If fees threatened, whats compelling case to move buyers from vendor-driven transactions #CRM to customer-driven relationships #VRM #reVRM


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