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VRM Technology panel

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VRM Technology Panel


Craig:  Difference between data warehouse and personal data store


The cloud has the data and you have the directory of it


Schema and platform to put it together


Like any disruptive technology



Why do you need link,

Common representation for file formats, addresses, etc. is


Phil: (teaches at

There's no competition, you just have to snuggle in


The web did not have to be big to succeed


Lack of integrity?

As long as you are trying to access customers without


No passive model that gets you to where you want to go


Does user need to install something?


500 plug-ins on Craig's computer

In the past,customer installs had to be minimized


Working with verticals


When Adrian put out an iPhone app, it drove more people to their website


Lack of installs is part of why cloud computing has become important


It's the skin in the relationship.  You can get the app downloaded if everyone thinks it worth it. 


An app is a little silo


Adobe loves the lock-in


Wired Magazine:  The web is dead, long live the web

More and more people are using the


What is the enduring stuff that survives the internet

The assumption is that the user controls the data

Personal data store


Apps are now the future, when in fact it is just this Thursday


Rant on standards:

The reason we have apps is because the W3 killed innovation

Want standards because important for is interoperability


Once you have an organization that says it owns the standard, they are glacially slow.


The browser alone could do what apps do


"Companies that have data have to let go of it." Craig Burton Will #realestate sites release "purpose driven" data for #homebuyers, like listing clickstream #reVRM


Res for data


I simply express my intention, I don't have to go to any single site

Friends and peers and vendors and friends provide data to my relative to my intention in some intelligent way


Location is relevant to what my purpose is, the independent variable is YOUR PURPOSE, the dependent variable is the location on the web - site that provides information or insight relative to my intention


Got to make it easy for a consumer to share


Got to be easy for consumer to


Got to put a stake in the ground for VRM.  A VRM moment, how many VRM apps are there 


Movies, flash, gifs, completely context free


Two levels of context today on web

Either at a web site

or your in your context at that website (because you have cookie)


Oauth so important because it is permissioning

What Kynetx is using today


Can access your activity stream in a


Application specific

A whole step is being


A massive step forward, permission access at a particularly granular level

Oauth does not achieve this, even though it is a big step forward


If context really is that important to

We really need a technology that is helpful to handle context


What is your fantasy technology to do that?


How does the person look different in the CRM world?


How do you create unstructure data and structured data and make sense of it


Not just who you are, but what you are doing


1.  BuyerID profile

2.  HomeSearchID

Same buyer may have more than one active search

3.  Listing clickstream from multiple sites

4.  Purpose driven behavior from personal data store


What does the bank know about me?  The bank doesn't even know what it knows about you. The idea that VRM can help manage that is hugely powerful for


Finding a way for consumers to manage that has got to be addressed


If you take your example of house hunting, want to have a way for you to capture that data.  Before releasing that data to a real estate professional, want to review and approve it. 


LAUGH METER: Lots of laughs in last panel thx @dsearls "What happens in Cambridge, stays in Cambridge" LOL *** #vrmcrm2010 #VRM #reVRM #scrm



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