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Wrap-up: Day two

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Wrap-up:  Day two

VRM+CRM 2010




How do we attract voters online


Smart conversations lead to smarter policy


How do you channel emotion?

How do you channel into solutions?

How do you channel into game-like experiences


What keeps us from engaging in eGov opportunities?

Need to feel contributions makes a difference


Can an average person state a problem and ask ten government agencies to solve it?



VRM business models


Open source free


Government funded model


Fourth party model

IP for free / ad model on top of that



Quite a few examples of VRM models & frameworks


The whole concept of a platform has been holding us back.  A lot of people trying to boil the ocean.   No reason business model for VHR (health apps?) needs to be the same model for buying cars


If we want to protect our data from misuse, end users have to team up



Fixing potholes:  See-Click-Fix; what's working, not working


Yes, the government is more willing to respond to citizens.  Are there sites to report neighborhood deterioration as a result of foreclosures



VRM Verticals

Real Estate site> MOVE

Rather than just listings

VRM centric sites to relate


Information cards

Interest networks, points of interest



Commenting system is first baby step





Want to do a multi-dimensional discussion on VRM

After we close


What do we want to do afterwards?


VRM app store


There is an open source project


If you have apps you want to develop, don't assume that VRM


Two weeks from now in DC

IW is a great second home for VRM conversations

IW:  Internet Identity Workshop.com (http://InternetIdentityWorkshop.com)


Fellowship ends at Berkman at the end of September 2010

But can still host events here


Groups of common interest get together


http://ezigo.com launching in mid-October?


Should we begin to talk at conferences?

Too much publicity is not the best thing at this time?


Bring ProjectVRM people in to talk to vertical industries?


What's the plan for the next 18 months?

Pilot projects we'd like to see


Doc has been here four years

Getting it up in the year has been

Joyce Searls:  "We're in the air where are we going... that's bad"


158 contributors for this hashtag #vrmcrm2010


Craig Burton:  Would like to see a VRM tool kit

A set of forms as opposed to actual code

Five things you need to have to be a VRM application

What would it look like to have a tool kit to make it look like a VRM app


Take principles and move them forward to what does an app look like

Principles are on the ProjectVRM wiki


Dean & Craig Burton will make first pass at

The consortium for service innovation


Is ProjectVRM set up as a non-profit?

Working through Harvard's trans

Want to transition ProjectVRM from something at Harvard to something that stands alone


For every .org that is created, one must die

How do you go somewhere between


Interested in getting things done between meetings

People want to do stuff

Want to move it down the field

Anyone who wants to do stuff between now and then, go play with code

Go experiment with Kynetx

If you have an app that you want to demo


Lot of discussions focused on technology

Need now to discuss problems that need to be solved by consumers


PDS: Personal Data Store

Until we have that,


Three more identity conferences in the pipeline

IIW to London

Anyone going to DC in two weeks?


Bay Area Executives has over 1,000 participants





Doc recommends reading Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business


Play with http://appbuilder.kynetx.com

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