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Mastering Social Media

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     Google reader





Show you are the expert

Think of you when they think of doing real estate


Google social results

     Bring in posts from people in your social network

     The more content you have, the more likely your posts will come up


Look busy even if you are not

     Maintain a consistent cadence of posting content

     Consumers will assume you are ACTIVE

     Even if market has slowed,


Links, articles, websites

     Find sites you like locally

          I thought this was a brilliant article is enough?

     You're already writing this stuff     

     Remove name, turn content into FAQ


Your experiences

     Think about the stories you can tell


     Write this in your voice

     Use speech to text software to make even easier

          Create a conversational appeal





Rebecca Chandler, BrokerSherpa


Integrate to Amplify

Blog content



Business card

Facebook profile


It's not about you, "Why would someone work with you?"

Be generous


It's OK to post a new listing?


Need 25 fans on Facebook to get an intuitive URL


Add Facebook widget to your blog?


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