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Manage online presence in 15-30 minutes

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Rebecca Chandler, BrokerSherpa



Consider your goals

Sites & plan

Time saving tools



What should you do?


     ROE:  Effort

Time is money!


How social media controls everything?


Develop your own plan


1.  Facebook profile

Post, comment, reply daily


2.  Facebook business page

Post, comment, reply daily


3.  Twitter

Tweet from phone

Use cross posting opportunities


4.  Blog

Twice weekly, comment, link to others


5.  RSS Feeds

Easy to get into analysis paralysis, identify trends, collect content


6.  Yelp:

Review as needed and network


7.  Your site

Measure and maintain


8.  YouTube

As appropriate, new listings, FAQs


9.  Email

Google alerts, drip campaigns




Link Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog


Social dashboard


Email google alerts


Google analytics




RSS Feeds


In Between Social Media Strategy:  Lead generation time, work


Integrate all of your online sites!

Post once, goes everywhere

Friend me. Fan me. Follow me.


Link from your blog to Facebook, Twitter



News feeds from Facebook


Direct messages on Twitter

Mentioned me on Twitter

Also has stats:  how many people clicked on particular stats


Google analytics

Direct sites

Referring sites

     Other sites linking to me

Search engines

     Am I utilizing the correct keywords?

          How many visits from keywords


Best tip?


Offer value!

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